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Our philosophy has been in view of holistic curriculum for students. It’s a research & application-based curriculum that develops our students as independent and lifelong learner. Sloka has set expectations from all the students as follows to achieve their goal.

Slokite fit program – Mindful body fitness

  • Sloka the School helps students to stretch their body through yoga, and exercises like a run or a squat.
  • Sloka the School gets the students to focus and feel the outside world as well as within through this program.
  • We teach Yoga which helps students to be aware of themselves while being busy in doing many activities.
  • Mindful Body fitness helps students to apply concentration in all forms of exercises.
  • Slokite fit program not only helps the students to be fit physically but also psychologically.
  • Sloka the School stirs the lives of the students to focus and be at the center of Body, Mind, and Soul.


Buggy about books – reading is all magical

“Reading is a means of thinking with another person’s mind; it forces you to stretch your own.” – charles scribner Jr.

  • Here at Sloka the School, we make Reading truly magical because it fosters you to be in shoes of some other person – it promotes cognition, social and language development.
  • Sloka the School provides various kinds of books which would help the students in the present and for the future too.
  • Sloka the School helps the students to dream through reading, from day dreams and fantasies to real life ambitions which they would fulfill their dreams sometime in the future.
  • Sloka the School gives its students the books which would be exciting and wonderful. Thus, sowing the seeds of learning through reading.
  • Sloka the School pushes the students to the world of reading in which they get to meet different concepts of learning adding to their learning from teaching.


Right Mindedness – The Value System

  • Sloka the School provides a value based education as part of the curriculum which includes living values, human values, family values, moral values and so on.
  • Sloka the School creates positive values in the minds of the students which helps students to acquire positive mindset.
  • Sloka the School fosters sharing and caring attitudes which help the students in their day-to-day lives.
  • Sloka the School holds justice and fairness in the rules and regulations of the school.
  • Sloka the School keeps the environment positive so to let students be positive.
  • Sloka the School inculcates values in the learners.
  • Sloka the School teaches to respect other cultures, religions and regions.
  • Sloka the School helps students to practice small acts of courage, sympathy, empathy and so on.
  • Sloka the School assists students in dealing with themselves to fight against loneliness, rejection, defeat and failure.
  • Sloka the School focuses on principles of life and develops a sense of loyalty, integrity and sincerity.

Student Health Program

  • Sloka the School creates awareness among students about healthy living and healthy growing.
  • Sloka the School enhances skills for teachers in handling health issues and developmental problems.
  • Sloka the School teaches and prefers precaution rather than cure and maintains and safeguards children in the same manner.
  • Sloka the School awakens consciousness in students regarding health and hygiene.
  • Sloka the School provides health education classes and takes care of the students.
  • Sloka the School helps students in maintaining hygiene and to follow good nutritious diet.
  • Sloka the School in particular gives special attention to health of the students since we believe good health plays a pivotal role in improving cognition.

Student Exchange Program

  • Sloka the School arranges S.E.P for the students to go beyond the horizons of learning (academics).
  • Sloka the School helps the students to get in touch with other students overseas.
  • Sloka the School strengthens the skills of the students by showing different types of students who use different ways of learning.
  • student exchange program improves students language skills, lets gain independence and develops global views on various worldly matters.
  • Sloka the School lets students to experience life-enriching moments through this program.
  • Sloka the School students get a chance to choose electives in any branch of study overseas.
  • Sloka the School through the program gives students new knowledge, wisdom, new concepts and so on.


Gender sensitivity program

  • Sloka the School teaches students to treat the other person with respect, dignity, and love.
  • Sloka the School outsmarts stereotype behaviours and gender discrimination.
  • Sloka the School takes utmost care in providing equality between boys and girls.
  • Sloka the School helps students to challenge the status quo where inequality regarding gender in encouraged.
  • Sloka the School strives to overcome gender inequality by promoting gender sensitive society.
  • Sloka the School fosters in inculcating gender sensitivity manners and etiquettes.
  • Sloka the School also arranges gender sensitivity training sessions which are mandatory for teachers.
  • Sloka the School maintains right track in making classrooms gender sensitive.

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