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In this 21 Century, education is all about imparting skills. Banking on this, we at Sloka offer the advanced CBSE/ICSE Integrated Curriculum which is designed to impart key skills that enable our students to be independent and to meet the needs & demands of the modern and competitive world.

7C’s Skills that will be developed at Sloka The School

Curriculum, Creativity, Critical Thinker, Collaboration, Character, Competence, and Communication Sloka has 3 segments Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary. The Pre-Primary section, consisting of Nursery, PP1 and PP2, adopts the specially designed Sloka Early Years Program that aims to facilitate the intellectual, physical, social, emotional and creative development of a child. When students enter the Sloka, they have the option to choose between the national CBSE curriculum and the internationally-recognized Cambridge curriculum that will carry them through Primary and Secondary until Grade VII. While both curricula are solid bases to build. Sloka also gives high importance on extracurriculars, life skills, and personality building activities

Best CBSE / ICSE school in Hyderabad

Sloka the School Manikonda


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Consistent Approach towards better Education

Sloka the school Manikonda is very different from other Schools in Hyderabad as the challenging programme of International education is implemented in letters as well as in our spirits. We have always prioritized to nurture the student’s knowledge, creativity and spirit for sports.

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Excellent Study Program

Sloka the school Manikonda is categorized as the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad and we are giving our best to set a benchmark for the progressive way of learning and holistic education based in Hyderabad.

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Smart Workshops to Educate Parents

We understand the importance of Parents in a student’s education life and their growth in particular, which is why we at Sloka organize Smart Parenting Workshops at our school to educate the parents about various aspects of education system toady and how to deal with their child’s power and potential towards grasping the things. This workshop also casts light on the various educational scenarios.

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Integration of International Learning and Interactive Classes

Sloka the School Manikonda promotes intellectual learning through:

  • 1. Adequacy of learning.
  • 2. International Thinking Ability.
  • 3. Ability to take Decisions.

7C’s Skills that will be developed at Sloka The School
Curriculum, Creativity, Critical Thinker, Collaboration, Character, Competence, Communication

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